Friday, August 1, 2008

walking to beat the band.

I just want to go ahead and call b.s. on people who say walking helps you go into labor. We must have walked 10 miles on Saturday around the city, nada. But! we had a great time and ate some delicious french fries and saw christian siriano (winner of last season's project runway) - it looked like he'd used a whole can of aqua net on his hair, so not fierce.

at the playground in SoHo.

at the doctor yesterday she said she will let me go until the 13th at which point if i still haven't gone into labor (god help me) she will break my water. there is an end in sight!!!!! the baby's current weight? 18 lbs.


Anonymous said...

you meant 8 not 18 right? :)

We are waiting for a referral any day now from Ethiopia. We had a bio child first, I also delivered in New York during an August heat wave.

Either way, the waiting is hard, so delurking to wish you good luck and hoping for a new baby for your beautiful family soon! - Margot

Jennifer and Ty said...

okay...I have not had a baby myself but I have heard that you should try having sex or eating mexican food. I don't know but good luck. I bet it feels more like 20 pounds. Hope all is well and to use a southern saying.... bless your heart

thealexanders said...

Nothing works, it's all B.S.. Believe me, I've tried almost everything. But I do think walking will help your body prepare for labor and it certainly can't hurt, plus it gets you out of the house. I love you, he'll come soon and he is going to be so beautiful and tiny.
I'll call you, Acepie

claire said...

from the way you look, it seems you probably only gained 18lbs. total! guess that extra weight is wearing you down, huh? must be rough...

good luck with the delivery and your girls are gorgeous. by the way. I've been one of your blog lurkers since Jan.
(i'm p-roc's mom's sister, or p-roc's aunt, whatever)

esther bockert said...

hot bath, no joke be careful, make outside the womb a comfy place similar to a placenta if not that have your man sing some songs right next your birthin' could use a radio, i suggest some old favorites, take it seriously, wake the baby up and call him out. he too comfortable in there, shoot.

Jesi and Joe said...

18 pounds... that's a heavy baby! I hope for your sake you DO go into labor VERY soon! ;-) Can't wait to see photos of your handsome, bullet-shaped tiny boy! :-D The girls look fabulous!