Monday, August 25, 2008

live blogging day one - no help

saida tantrum counter: 6 BUT quick recovery

not so bad. water dish made into bath/pool. messy clean up.
everyone is fed, even me and the dog. although the dog did have to share some of his food - i found a piece in saida's mouth. disgusting. almost snack time.

while trying to feed judah, saida clearly wants me to hold her. hoist her onto the couch with my leg, trying not to disturb baby. she proceeds to snap my bra strap for the next 20 minutes. hilina slides over to couch where baby is eating, saida is snapping, wants to stand. i hold onto her arm so she can pull up to couch, use my other elbow to keep saida from karate chopping judah. use my feet to help hilina position hers so she wont fall. now baby is fed and girls are having snack and some milk. even hound is sleeping. ahhhhhh.

spent the last 30 minutes playing 'don't touch the baby, no you don't have to cry, you're not in trouble, you just can't touch him while he's trying to sleep'. it's a fun game, everyone should play.

girls eating lunch, clean diapers on everyone. body starting to betray me. 30 minutes until nap time. then a big decision for me - eat lunch or sleep?!?!?! think sleep will win :) saida has started giving me kisses again, think she is getting over being so mad at me. hilina keeps feeding hound, need to pay more attention.

everyone had a good long nap, even me and judah. although then everyone woke up crying so it kinda sucked all the joy out of that. but we recovered with some quiet time. i had judah strapped to me and got the girls up from their nap. usually when i used to get them up i would carry them to the couch and we would have some snuggle time. but i had to just get them out and set them on the floor. once they realized they could either cry in the nursery or crawl over to me, they chose option b and we were all happy. minor adjustments being made here and there.

does anyone want to come walk my dog? he won't stop pacing and wimpering. i think he's still sick.... yikes. hope he can hold it a few more hours!!!!

number of times i have said 'don't touch the baby, he's sleeping' or some derivative thereof: 196
number of poopy diapers changed: 6

everyone is in bed! well, judah will be up again soon, but woohooo! i made it! this evening kenzan, my neighbor, helped me bring the girls down to sit outside for about 30 minutes, and beth stopped by with a coke, mmmmm delicious... then hilina's pt came and it got a little dicey with her crying and saida imitating hilina crying and judah being hungry and then ben came home and both the girls wanted him to hold them and so they were crying even more, and so i did what any sane person would do. i got in the shower. it was divine. and then i made dinner and fed all the babies and now all i have to do the rest of the night is sit on the couch and wait for the hills to come on. my incision is pretty sore but not busted open and so i would call today a success.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you!

My oldest was 2 when my twins were born. My husband works long long hours and I had no help from the day my twins came home from the hospital. I appreciate how difficult it is with 3 little ones--and animals--we have 2 dogs!!!

By the grace of God, we all survived. My twins are now 16 months and becoming more independent. It does get better.

All the best to you! Keep up the great work. They are all gorgeous!

perroguapo said...

way to go anna! we're thinking of you


Sarah said...

ok- just stumbled on to your blog and this is riveting stuff. How do you have the ability to be hilarious, have time to blog & take care of those precious babes? I'll be checking in!!

amanda said...

way to go anna!!! i am so happy for you! love you lots

jandkland said...

Is it okay that this made me laugh a little? I can sympathize with your feeling overwhelmed, but my load is light compared to yours! My oldest is 3 1/2 (still in occasional meltdown stage but at least talks in complete, logical sentences) and the youngest is 17 months (you know what that's like!). You're doing great, so hang in there and your body (and your life) will eventually find its new normal.


Auntie AL said...

HI Anna--
just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to finally your precious children and the new judah (also your child, but anyhew).... I hope I get to see more of you and them next time I am in brooklyn. I am thinking of all of you and sending you good energy..
love, anne louise

Meg said...

If I lived in NY I would TOTALLY be over there walking your dog. Not only did yesterday sound like a success but you are my new superwoman!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. You managed to survive the day with your sense of humor intact. Mama